The college has an elected body of PTA Executive Committee comprised of President, Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer and Committee Members. The committee is a team of motivated parent volunteers who works together with the teachers to make the college a better place for the students to learn well. The committee takes interest and support the college activities in the field of education, health and welfare of children and development of the institution. They assist the management to raise the educational standards and provide successful learning atmosphere for the students. PTA offers creative efforts to sustain sound and qualitative education for them.

Inaddition to the General PTA twice a year we also conduct semester wise class PTAs in which the teachers and parents sit together and evaluate the performance and progress of the students. They recommend ways to improve the conditions and get signed the Progress Report time to time. We take our PTA meetings a great opportunity to gather suggestions and reach to decisions to attain the goals of quality education and excel the moral standards of the pupils.